Weird Food? Food!

Why do they think that those foods are weird?

These foods are weird because some of them are poisonous and would be dangerous to eat if not cooked properly. Some of the others like stink bugs and silkworm larvae are weird because they are not usually eaten and they look disgusting.


What is food?

Food is something fit for human consumption and is deliberately consumed (put in the mouth and swallowed) by someone.


What is considered as a normal food and what is not?

Culture dictates what “normal food” is, but what distinguishes what is ordinary to the extraordinary is either the rarity of the dish or the danger in its consumption.


What would be your 5 weirdest food?

1. Tarantula (in Skuon, Cambodia)

2. Lamb’s Brains (in India)

3. Stink bugs (in Irian Jaya, Indonesia)

4. Beondegi (Silkworm Larvae) (in South Korea)

5. Dried lizards (for soup) (in Japan)


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