4 Most Painful Moments

As we are currently studying medicines and drugs, we have been tasked to find 3 most painful moments (I made 4) in my life and rate them from 1 – 10. One (1) being “I don’t feel it at all” and ten (10) being “Kill me now and end my suffering,” so, without further ado, here they are:

1. Diarrhea – have you ever had those torturous days in the toilet when your stomach feels like it’s eating itself? Well I did around 8 years ago and it was painful! I felt like I was dying.

Pain level: 9 / 10

2. Cramming – Ahh, procrastination, the mother of all beasts. After you let procrastination get in your head, you’re in trouble. Eventually the phrase “I’ll do it tomorrow” becomes your motto and when the deadline comes…you cram. It gets really painful when you freak out and don’t know what to do and this puts deep shame, regret, and a feeling of failure into your life.

Pain level: 6 / 10

3. Dislocation – this happened on the summer of 2011 in China. I had my pinkie finger dislocated from playing sports and I tried fixing it myself, but I put the finger back wrong (it was crooked), so the doctor had to pull the finger to fix it. When he pulled it there was a solid “pop” sound and it hurt like hell! It was painful, but I’ve felt worse.

Pain Level: 7 / 10

4. Loneliness – From what I’ve experienced, emotional pain is much worse than physical pain possibly because I have never felt a lot of physical pain. The pain of loneliness, however, is different from physical pain (at least those that I’ve experienced) in the sense that it lasts longer. In my case, my problems seemed worse than they were, I kept questioning who I was and what I was doing, and I felt lost. Friends, it seems to me, is what makes the world more concrete, more defined. It also makes life easier to live through.

Pain Level: 8 / 10


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